Crimebeat funding for Bangor street art project

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High Sheriff of Gwynedd Awards 2020

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High Sheriff Cadets take up their posts

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Helping you to make a difference.

Being part of a friendly, safe community where people look out for one another is one of the most valuable things we can have in life. We all have something to offer and give back to our communities and often young people can see things that older people miss.

We are committed to helping young people with any idea that they think could have a positive impact on their area. This help can be in the way of advice and guidance to transform your idea into reality but in concrete terms, a grant of up to £500 cash to help make things happen!

We all talk about the big problems in the world, but actually, it can be the smaller problems which can make life miserable in our local communities, that’s why Crimebeat is different.

Words like shoplifting, vandalism, bullying and drug abuse just wash over you until you meet the people who are terrified because of them. People don’t deserve to be scared of going out at night, shopkeepers shouldn’t have their livelihoods threatened because their stock is getting nicked and your neighbourhood should be a safe place for children to grow up.

Most of us who are under 25 think that we aren’t listened to enough, Crimebeat is a chance to change that. Why not get together with your mates and come up with ways to make your patch safer for everyone, then access funding to make things happen.

We give you the chance to make your idea a reality. Some recent examples have been; helping clubs with new equipment, making education DVDs and design awareness campaigns. There’s also a national prize each year for the best campaigns and the best results; we’re really interested in your ideas and giving you credit for them!