‘You won’t always get lucky’

Henry Dixon, High Sheriff of Clwyd, was present at the recent launch of “You Won’t Always Get Lucky” at Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold.

The Young People’s Steering Group of the Flintshire Young People’s Drug & Advisory Team (YP DAT) had been asked to devise and develop materials to assist in communicating the dangers of abusing drugs or alcohol.  In the past the only film that was available was  US-based video material, which had no relevance to young people in Flintshire.

The group worked with Flintshire Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Team, and TAPE Music and Film to write, direct and film a dvd, made by young people for young people, that aims to inform and educate young people about the dangers of alcohol mis-use.

The High Sheriff commented: “The result is raw, engaging and an excellent resource for use by schools throughout the county. Once again, it is really satisfying to see how CrimeBeat’s contribution can be used to such magnificent effect. The title of the film is ‘You won’t always get lucky’ – we did, in gaining the support of this young team.”

“Well done to the YP DAT and everyone involved in the project”