Why Bother?

Fair question! Well it is your community and there is nothing better than the feeling of having an idea that will have a positive impact on your local community and seeing it through to an end result. Crimebeat is also a chance to show what you’re capable of. Can you come up with fresh ideas? View issues from different angles? Empathize with other situations? Run a campaign? Write, design and distribute material? Script and storyboard DVDs? Find ways to make a difference where the adults haven’t? Can you work with and alongside professionals?

Crimebeat gives you the chance to demonstrate a range of talents which might just open your eyes to the possibilities in your own life, while helping to make a big difference to other peoples. Anyone up to the age of 25 can take part whether you’re at school, college, at work or unemployed.

There’s a competitive edge too. At the end of each year the projects judged to be most successful in North Wales and in the UK as a whole go forward to a national awards ceremony. Win, and you’ll receive a significant prize.

More importantly, you’ll have gained a whole range of skills to allow you to realise your own potential.

Check out the Latest News page to find out more about some of the projecst that Crimebeat has supported.